meet the  team

How we work

Some projects are best done by a lean and high performing team of industry experts.  Other projects may require an expert to work as an individual contributor.  In other instances, you may need a senior expert to come in and manage your internal team.  Our model is flexible and we can fully adapt to your requirements.

Who we are

Kian Beyzavi, PhD, is a veteran of several successful commercial leadership roles, as well as a seasoned consultant.  She advises a wide range of Healthcare clients including Fortune 500 companies and start ups in areas of business model innovation, TeleHealth, strategy, partnerships, product development, marketing and commercialization.  Her background combines a strong technical training with several years of consulting at McKinsey & Company, followed by over 10 years of operating experience as an investor, entrepreneur, and senior executive in the healthcare industry.  Kian is known for assembling and leading lean high performing teams of industry experts.  Kian’s extensive international experience includes successful efforts in UK, UAE, Germany, Switzerland, UK, and Singapore.


Kian founded KBeyzavi Consulting in 2010.  Over this period, she and her teams have been serving players in healthcare products and services including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and HealthCare IT.